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Like many of you I have found that during the first lockdown, I had a bit more time pay attention to the tasks that I usually rushed through to get over and done with - cooking being one of them.

With all the mummy tasks I had to do, I never really had the time to think about what I am putting on the table at meal time. I stuck to the basic veg-starch-meat combo which I grew up with. My mother was a working mother also and I guess she was of the same opinion to make sure that we had a bit of everything on our plate as her time too was very limited. My mother, by the way, is a fantastic cook!! As a kid I had absolutely no issue eating vegetables because she has a little secret trick to cooking vegetables which made it more bearable (stay tuned for these in my recipes).

I am lucky enough to have a child who doesn't mind eating veggies so much, providing it has some of Ouma's special twists added to it ;) However, he has recently been diagnosed with sensory processing difficulties and therefore, really struggles with certain textures. So this gives me a bit more inspiration to find recipes that works for us and that I make sure all the nutrition, vitamin and mineral boxes are ticked!! I don't pay too much attention to calories because I don't believe in any sort of diet that is restrictive in that way. I believe that as long as it's consumed in moderation and we have a balanced approach on what we eat vs how much exercise we do (you knew that was coming)! Energy in vs energy out is the way to go. And also - no one counts calories when feeding their kids right?

I am a firm believer in setting a good example for our kids when it comes to relationships with food. If they are sad or upset and we comfort them with a treat or food, they will end up comfort eaters (*this is my opinion). They will learn about good eating habits from us, so lets set a good example. I don't shy away from sugar, we bake cupcakes and muffins regularly. So again, everything in moderation.

While I was studying to be a nutritionist, my eyes were opened to so many things. It highlighted to me that I might not be giving my family enough of a balance nor was their diet inclusive of all the daily nutrients required. For example in my latest discovery of adding quinoa to my fishcakes - I am adding iron, fibre and vitamin b6 to the omega 3, protein and additional b-vitamins already found in salmon. MAGIC!

So my mission with this blog is to publish the discoveries I have made which have gone down with with the family. We all have different needs at different ages and stages, so sometimes I may focus on kiddo friendly meals only to cater for the playdates and sleepovers we dream about having again! I'll also make sure to include some delicious adult only meal ideas for dinner parties and "stay in date nights".

I excited to share what I am learning with you all. I hope I can help inspire you in some way. Please follow, share and comment if you have any questions and want to know more about anything on my blog!

Happy cooking!!

Liesl x

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