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sukanto Kuri
Jul 02, 2022
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The decoration of Majiayao painted pottery also reflects the laws of form beauty that conform to modern aesthetic values, such as contrast, symmetry and balance. Among the decorative techniques of Majiayao painted pottery, contrast is the most common, which is also one of the basic formal rules of artistic creation. The contrast of straightness, thickness, and size, as well as the contrast of points, lines, and surfaces, make the picture vivid and interesting, such as spiral circle patterns, and the intertwined curves are dotted with large and small dots that resemble fish eggs. A careful analysis will reveal these The dots and the curves are arranged and combined in the same distribution pattern. The interface of the spiral pattern is dotted with circles, Image Manipulation Service symbolizing the continuous flow of life and expressing the ancestors' desire and prayer for life. . The Pythagoreans put forward "beauty is a harmonious proportion"[2], and this aesthetic concept is symmetry and balance. In the decoration of painted pottery, some circles are based on the center point as the outer outline, and the circle is divided into several equal parts. Through the regular distribution of dots, lines, surface shapes, and color changes, these elements are repeatedly alternated to form different rhythms. Just like music, Majiayao painted pottery also has its own rhythm and rhythm. [3]. When the painted pottery patterns are combined into a pattern, the fixed-point method and the positioning method are used to divide the decorative area and the blank area on the surface of the pottery, so that each part is independent and compatible with each other, so that the viewer can feel the virtual and real, primary and secondary. , movement and other orderly rhythm and rhythm. In addition to the division in the overall decoration layout, in the decoration of the same area, the effective way of leaving blank can also make people feel beautiful. Repeated forms are also used frequently in Majiayao painted pottery.

sukanto Kuri

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